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Valentina Dimitrieva

Photo artist



My name is Valentina. I am a photographer.

Every photoshoot with me is a fantastic creative journey and a unique professional atmosphere which I am always happy to deliver to my clients. In my shoots I approach every person individually reflecting upon their unique characteristics.

With my assistance you will be able to come up with your own unique look. I will help you to create an interesting story line and no important detail that comes up in your mind will be missed. I will gladly share with you all the hidden and fabulous locations – perfect for the shoot in Goa or in Moscow. I will recommend you the best stylists, make-up artists, videographers and organizers. Professionals I work with in both countries will help you manifest any possible photo idea that comes into your mind!

I am always excited to get to know more people and take over artistic projects. Let’s create beauty together!

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