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Valentina Dimitrieva

Photo artist

Valentina Dimitrieva 09.10.2014

The Art of Posing

The Art of Posing In preparation for a photo-shoot, it’s very important to think about what image you want to create in front of the camera. You may want to open up, show your inner world and your amazing looks, or you may choose a game — fashion, retro, a “street look” or a fairy […]

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Valentina Dimitrieva 08.09.2014

How to Prepare for a Photo-shoot

A photo-shoot is an exciting, captivating process, and the outcome will stay with you and bring you joy for a long time afterwards, so it’s very important to prepare for it thoroughly! To create an ideal photograph, it is not enough to just smile at the camera. A photograph is always created jointly by at […]

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